Smith Trucking


Today, technology plays a key role on how a company will provide the best service for their customers.  Smith Trucking believes in taking proactive steps in helping you get the most out of our services. We have implemented various technologies to provide you, our customers, with some of the most innovative solutions available in the transportation business.


Who We Use

Since 1985, McLeod Software has provided powerful transportation management and trucking software solutions to the trucking industry. These solutions, developed entirely by McLeod Software, are comprehensive and support integration with a broad array of complimentary logistics products. McLeod’s transportation management software provides the functionality that both truckload and LTL trucking companies need. For more information on McLeod Software click here.


PeopleNet has focused all of their energies on developing the best possible solutions for effective carrier fleet management—and customizing those solutions to meet the needs of their customers. PeopleNet's commitment to innovation and their customer-centric focus have made them a leading provider of onboard computing and mobile communications systems for long-haul fleets, with a performance track record that's second to none.


Trusted by the biggest names in the business, ORBCOMM is the solution of choice for cold chain monitoring. Based on the technology obtained from our acquisition of StarTrak Information Technologies, LLC, they offer the industry’s leading, two-way remote reefer monitoring solution. Their solution includes all alarms, operational status and state changes. So whether you operate a small truck fleet or multi-temperature, multi-zone trailers, their solution protects your cargo by providing complete control of the reefer environment.


The DriveCam Program identifies why accidents happen using their patented video event recorder to capture and correct risky driving habits. DriveCam technicians install your system while the Program delivers critical online tools and techniques to improve safety, performance and fuel management. The outcome is bottom-line results via safer, more efficient drivers, protected from wrongful blame.